As with all quality regional products, the flavour of the product is strongly attached to its locality. The chestnut has the flavour of its terroir.

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Almonds from Valensole

Almonds from Valensole ©ADT04/Gbe

The Alpes de Haute Provence have always been the cradle of French almonds and particularly the Valensole plateau in the south of the department between Haute Provence and Verdon.

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Lavander field ©M. Boutin

Haute-Provence has a quality lavender crop. « True lavender » also known as « fine lavender » which used to grow wild, is now harvested and has had its AOC: « Essential oil of lavender of Haute-Provence » since 1981.

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Local products

produits du terroir

Honey, olives, truffles, Banon cheese, Sisteron lamb, fruit juice from Entrevaux, cured meat from the Ubaye, these original and quality products from the region which contribute to the image of the good life in the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

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Aromatic plants

herbes aromatiques

Over the years, other plants have been cultivated besides lavender and are a patchwork of colour in the Haute-Provence landscape: clary sage, mint, tarragon, hyssop, thyme, etc.

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honey: hives near a lavender field Valensole

Good environment for honey : with all the advantages of the Alpes de Haute Provence generous sun, a multitude of flowers filled with a scented nectar, the hills and plateaus of the department are a special natural area for bees and beekeepers.

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