Entrevaux fortified Vauban citadel ©T. VerneuilEntrevaux fortified Vauban citadel ©T. Verneuil

Entrevaux, a Vauban heritage

Entrevaux, a Vauban heritage

Located on a rocky spur above a bend in the Var river, Entrevaux is proud of its two thousand year-old rich and tumultuous past.

A fortified citadel

The Train des Pignes from Digne-les-Bains or Nice is an original way to get to Entrevaux, its medieval city and its fortified citadel. It is best to get the first train of the day and make the most of a whole day on the spot.

As the train with its rocking and swaying carriages draws into Entrevaux, you can make out the rocky outcrop on which the citadel was built.

It emerges and seems to block the road and the river. It isn’t surprising that Vauban made it into a stronghold during the reign of Louis XIV!

The medieval village

You can take your first picture as you arrive at the station, just opposite the village and the citadel which is even more impressive as you get nearer.

The entrance to the village by the Porte Royale and its drawbridge is a promise of more surprises to come!

The village is fortified and its houses tall and narrow… It’s quite simply magnificent!

In the centre of the village, the squares and fountains invite you to a welcome stop and you can set off on an adventure through its narrow, twisting streets!

The ramparts, the walkway and its exhibitions all bear witness to its traditions and history. In one small street, the Musée de la Moto (motorbike museum), the personal collection of a passionate collector, has 75 motorbikes, the oldest of which dates back to 1901.

In one of the squares, the cathedral with its interior decoration and its starry blue choir are striking.

The walk up to the Citadel

If you’re wearing suitable shoes, then we’re off on a 150-metre climb from the village to the fortress overlooking it.

A splendid landscape unfolds little by little before your eyes as you walk up this paved pathway: the roofs of the village below, the olive groves and the terraced gardens with the Var River flowing through it all!

History buffs will find a lot of information on the military history of Entrevaux in the Musée de la Poudrière, the former powder magazine.

A rich heritage

Having lunch on a terrace to sample a speciality such as apple juice from the orchards of Entrevaux and getting your strenght back isn’t a bad idea at all.

Because the visit continues with the mills circuit to discover the oil and flour mills, the aqueduct and the wash house… The village is listed “Villages et Cités de Caractère” and has a large amount of heritage.

Every 2 years the villagers bring medieval Entrevaux to life again during the Medieval Festival?

The ride home, as the train rocks and sways, is a good moment to let all these fantastic discoveries emerge from your memory and with a bit of imagination, you can dream of the medieval past of Entrevaux.

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