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Come and discover our 6 trail running sites, 34 itineraries and 4 workshops: locations dedicated 100% to this discipline. Itineraries, services and tools both for beginners who want to learn and be supervised and for enthusiasts.


Haute Provence – Digne-les-Bains Trail Running Station®

Discover our 4 trail runs, train in our 3 workshops and push your limits on 2 KV (Vertical Kilometre).

In the UNESCO Geopark of Haute Provence, the change of scene begins with the heady scent of lavender which takes you to the historic capital of the blue flower…

Haute-Provence will unfold before you from the spa establishment of Digne-les-Bains to the lakes of the Verdon. Go with the flow and get your fill of nature! Digne-les-Bains welcomes you for your outings and proposes an escape stay at the Tourist Office.

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Trail running in Haute-Provence Digne-les-Bains ©OT


Val de Durance Trail Running area

Discover our 4 itineraries.

4 permanent running routes including 3 from the square in L’Escale: 25 km, 12 km, 6 km.

The Trail des 2 Tours from the square in Volonne: possibility of night running with headlamp, reflectorized markers in the field: 10 km.

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Trail running in Val de Durance ©Jean-Luc Armand Photographe



Jabron – Montagne de Lure Trail Running Station®

Discover our 5 trail runs.

The Jabron Valley is a region which is little known in the tourist circuits. It is located between Provence and Alpes dauphinoises, at the foot of the Montagne de Lure (1826 m).

The Jabron Valley and the Montagne de Lure are characterized by successive small reliefs which are ideal.

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Trail Running Station®:

Trail running in Lure ©Romain Corraze


Forcalquier – Lure Trail Running area

Discover our 6 trail runs.

This area invites you to discover exceptional natural sites, such as Les Mourres which is exceptional for the beauty of its geological shapes and its wildlife.

The Montagne de Lure, which culminates at 1,826 metres, offers one of the most beautiful views over the Southern Alps.

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Pays de Forcalquier-Montagne de

Trail running in Forcalquier - Lure ©Akuna Matata


Vallée de l’Ubaye Running area

Discover our 6 trail runs.

Permanent routes from 1,130 to 2,682 metres will take you high up in the mountains to the crisp clean air of the peaks of Ubaye.
From Barcelonnette: 3 routes of 12, 23 and 42 km.
From Pra Loup: 3 routes of 12 and 17 km and on 5-km City Trail.

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Haut-Verdon Running area

Discover our 5 itineraries and our skyrunning route.

Run in natural surroundings! 5 routes of 7 to 23 km. 3,600 m positive elevation over a total of 43 km. From Villars-Colmars, Hamlet of Chasse, Colmars-Ratery and Beauvezer for the vertical kilometres.

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Trail running in Haut-Verdon vallée de Chasse





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