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Come and « take the waters », a charming habit which dates back to the beginning of 20th century and which is still very much in fashion.

Two of the three thermal resorts in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region are located in the Alpes de Haute Provence. Thermal resorts are in Digne-les-Bains and Gréoux-les-Bains. Their spa establishments have a well-earned reputation for their efficiency.

The fitness treatments are as popular as the spa treatment because it is a real delight to sample the benefits of spa treatment under this Provencal climate.

Discover the advantages of fitness stays where the words relaxation. Wellness, vitality and serenity rhyme with the sunny Alpes de Haute Provence.

Thermal resort Digne-les-Bains

At the limit of the Alps and Provence, with an exceptional climate. Digne-les-Bains has nearly 300 days of sun per year and the pure air of the mountains. For tourists and those taking the waters there is everything needed for a pleasant stay.

Thermal resort Gréoux-les-Bains

The village of Gréoux-les-Bains is in the heart of the lavender plateaux between the Luberon and the Verdon. It has a sunny dry climate and is sheltered from the wind by the neighbouring hills. Gréoux-les-Bains offers those taking cures and tourists the benefits of spa waters in a Gallo-Roman-type establishment open onto gardens and fountains.


Give yourself an “à la carte” moment of relaxation. Discover the different offers of body sculpting massage, thermal whirlpool baths…
Have a stay in an establishment offering fitness facilities and discover our holiday ideas, our musts… for your well-being!

A moment of relaxation

The 1st Spa by L’Occitane in France in Mane.
Lavender care treatment in Provence. Le Couvent des Minimes Spa by L’Occitane.

Body sculpting massage and fitness at the Domaine de Château-Laval in Gréoux-les-Bains
Discover a well-being bubble with persoanlized care all year round.

L’espace Zen des Thermes in Digne-les-Bains
The happy marriage of beneficial spa water and essential oils gives you everything you need to completely recharge your batteries.

Le Spa thermal et institut de beauté des Thermes in Gréoux-les-Bains
Spa formulas: half-day of full relaxation, well-being and attentive care. “A la carte” care, fitness area.

Find accommodation offering fitness facilities

Discover our accommodation with facilities for well-being and revitalization


Discover our “musts”; ideas for holidays based on well-being and revitalization

Discover our ideas for holidays for well-being and revitalization

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