Olive oil

Olive oil from Haute-Provence (AOC)

In Haute Provence, the life of the olive tree is adapted to the Mediterranean climate, hot and dry, and it grows between 400 and 600 metres. This is the Northern limit of the olive tree growing area and it gives it an exceptional flavour and fruitiness.

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AOC Pierrevert Wine

Vignes de Pierrevert ©M. Boutin

Awarded the AOC in 1998 (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée), the Pierrevert vineyard is one of the highest in France with an average altitude of 450 metres.

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Alpes de Haute Durance apples

Haute Durance apples (IGP) and other Haute Provence fruit

Fruit-production dates back several centuries in the Alpes du Sud. For the fruit sector, apples and pears produced in the Alpes de Haute Durance area are of a recognized quality which differentiates them from other regions with « Pommes et Poires des Alpes. »

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Banon cheese

Banon cheese (AOC)

Banon cheese (AOC). Banon is a goat's cheese from the region of Banon, a discrete medieval village built against the plateau d'Albion between Lure and the Ventoux.

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Haute-Provence Small Spelt

Haute-Provence Small Spelt (IGP) ©Syndicat du petit épeautre de Haute-Provence

Grouped together since 1997 in a Syndicat Interdépartemental, the producers work to protect and enhance small spelt and small spelt flour of Haute Provence through an IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée).

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Sisteron lamb

flock of sheep

Sisteron lamb is better known as César lamb. This lamb became label rouge in September 1995 and a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) since 2007.

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