Mercantour National Park near Allos Lake ©T VerneuilMercantour National Park near Allos Lake ©T Verneuil

Mercantour National Park

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The Mercantour National Park, a mountain area par excellence, with its peaks at over 3,000 metres is a natural world open to you.

68,500 ha spread over the Alpes-Maritimes and the Alpes de Haute Provence including the Hautes Vallées of the Ubaye and the Verdon, a territory which is almost uninhabited.

2,000 species of plants, a hundred or so animal species and magnificent landscapes including the Lac d’Allos, the biggest high mountain lake in Europe.


Set off on your own or with the mountain leaders of the Mercantour National Park to discover the most delicate flowers: Aquilegia Alpina or the Lady’s slipper orchid, see how agile chamois are on the rocky slopes or watch the marmots on guard duty.

But be careful, all these species are protected!

Mercantour National Park near Allos Lake ©T Verneuil
Mercantour National Park near Allos Lake ©T Verneuil


“Marque Esprit Parc National” brand

Marque Esprit Parc NationalA wide range of products and services which are emblematic of national parks are branded “Esprit parc national”.

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List of professionals: Marque Esprit Parc National Brand professionals


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