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Family hikes

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Here are a few ideas of family hikes to combine walking and fun!



Randoland Alpes de Haute Provence

You’d love a family hikes where the kids don’t complain the whole way.

Go no further, here is Randoland!

Designed like a treasure hunt, Randoland cards are good for motivating kids from 4 to 12 all along a trail where they can act as “explorer-guide”. (in french)


Unusual hikes in the Land of the Talking Rocks

The Sentier des Contes (The tales trail) in the land of the Talking Rocks

A day’s escapade in the footsteps of characters from the past, as you listen to the rocks talking!

Equipped with 11 magic booklets, discover the secret of the riddles and use your imagination to hunt for the talking rocks and find them at the end of short walks! They will tell you the medieval history of our land on the edge of the Alpes de Haute Provence.

The Sentier des Contes (The tales trail) in the land of the Talking Rocks

Haute-Parole, in the land of the Talking Rocks

On family walks or with friends in this bewitching natural area, you can do something you’d never imagine possible: get the rocks to talk!

All you need is the passport that gives you access to all the Talking Rocks which, from one village to another, from tale to tale, will bring out the child in you…

For a weekend, as you wander around, Robert Seven-Crows, the Canadian Indian from the MicMag tribe will take you round the campfire of his ancestors to the rhythm of the tam-tam and Indian stories. Daniel Lhomond will let you into the secrets of her home region, the Perigord. Patricia Gaillard, from the Jura, will reinvent the tales of your childhood. Dominique Ottavi and his guitar will tell you tales of Corsica and Kamel Guennoun, the kabyle from the Cévennes will combine the Orient and tradition.

Ecobalade hikes

For walks or hikes, discovering nature step by step, learn how to recognize wildlife easily with ecoBalade.

Ecobalade du Tour du Lac: walk around the lake from Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban, L’Escale to Volonne, in the Val de Durance, on a 10-kilometre trail where you can see the second largest wetland in the Région Sud Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.

An area which is a favourite for migratory birds who come to spend the winter there or to nest in spring. Have fun recognizing them and don’t forget to take your binoculars on your walk.

Ecobalade de la Ferme à la Chapelle, along the water: In Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban in the Val de Durance, 12 sites are presented to walkers.

The built heritage, the aerial and undergound circuit of water, plants, trees, insects, mammals, reptiles and even molluscs, in all around a hundred animal and plant species to discover as you walk.

Oppedette canyon walk – Let’s go and discover the karting environment.

Wired passages, aerial passages, ladders, narrow gorges, follow one another in this playful walk. An exceptional heritage and a preserved natural environment will satisfy your desire for nature.


Family hikes

Mountain leaders for family hikes

Mountain leaders accompany you on themed hikes. Some of them do excursions especially for children or families… so that you can learn as you hike with your family. Contact them.



A website and a mobile app dedicated to hiking activities

Hikes in the Alpes de Haute Provence

Run out of ideas for hikes? Here is the site you need: www.rando-alpes-haute-provence.fr!

You can consult it on your computer, tablet or your Smartphone and there are a large number of itineraries which are characteristic of the Alpes de Haute Provence for the 5 activities: walking, riding, mountain biking, cycletouring and trail running.

You can also download the app for increased mobility. You are automatically geo-localized – your position appears on the map and you can choose your activity: walking, riding, cycling, mountain biking or trail running.

When you have chosen your itinerary, download the description and the map and set off on your excursion (offline) using the GPS on your device!

To download the app:

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