Haute Durance apples (IGP) and other Haute Provence fruitHaute Durance apples (IGP) and other Haute Provence fruit

Alpes de Haute Durance apples

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Fruit-production dates back several centuries in the Alpes du Sud. For the fruit sector, apples and pears produced in the Alpes de Haute Durance area are of a recognized quality which differentiates them from other regions with « Pommes et Poires des Alpes. »

The quality of the fruits in this region is closely linked to the characteristics of the cultivation soil and 300 days of sunshine per year.
This climate, which has a low hygrometry and a large amount of sunlight gives an exceptional flavour to the Golden delicious apple.

The red label: Apples and pears from the Alpes de Haute Durance are produced following specifications which give them the possibility to stand out as near top-of-the-range by two signs of quality: the CCP (Certificat de conformité produit) and the Red Label associated with the IGP Alpes de Haute Durance.
Highly controlled cultivation methods make it possible to obtain apples and pears with real taste.

Alpes de Haute Durance apples


Receipe: Apples cooked in honey and wine


  • Apples,
  • good red wine (Coteaux de Pierrevert),
  • honey

Peel the fruits, core them. Arrange them in an earthenware oven dish.
In the centre of each apple, pour au teaspoon of honey. Pour red wine over the apples
Bake in the oven for 20 min thermostat 6
Serve cold with croquettes
NB: Do not peeled the fruits.

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Syndicate of Orchards of Haute Durancewww.pommes-des-alpes-de-haute-durance.fr (in french)

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