Chabanon ©AD04/ Manu MolleChabanon ©AD04/ Manu Molle

Chabanon-Selonnet ski resort

Pushing your limits > Chabanon-Selonnet ski resort

In the Blanche Serre-Ponçon valley, the resort of Chabanon-Selonnet offers all the pleasures of the mountains with its 40 km of alpine skiing, 25 km of Nordic skiing and snowshoeing trails.

A family resort for everyone and all types of winter sports with specially lit-up runs for night skiing.

Chabanon-Selonnet ski resort:
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The ski area

35 runs and 14 ski-lifts for all sorts of winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboard, telemark, yooner, toboggan, snake-gliss, ski-joëring pulled by a horse…

For those who love motor-sports, when the runs are closed you can discover the resort under the stars and ride a snow scoot.

But to get another angle, rise up into the sky on a paraglider and fly over the snowy scenery…

Chabanon ©AD04/ Manu Molle

For families

Day-care centre, Club Piou Piou, snow kindergarten, beginner’s area, tobogganing area, kid’s games, etc.

station de ski de Chabanon-Selonnet

Snowhshoeing and Nordic activities

From the resort, blazed snowshoeing itineraries will take you into nature for the most unexpected encounters. A Nordic skiing trail links up with the Le Fanget Nordic site. Cross-country skiing also enables you to discover these mountains in a different way.

Mountain leaders help you to understand the tracks left by the forest animals and understand the snow. They also offer night excursions under the stars.

Sled dog rides

Take a ride through a forest of fir-trees for a maiden sled dog ride from the resort of Chabanon.

Chabanon ©AD04/ Manu Molle

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