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White water sports

For white water sports, the Alpes de Haute-Provence has a hydrography which is specific to mountain regions.

The Verdon, Ubaye, and Var rivers, the chain of the five lakes on the Verdon … all offer exceptional supports for white water sports, whose national and international fame has been growing for years.

White water activities also benefit from a human potential which encourages their development. Around ten associations and about twenty private companies contribute to the development of sport and the dissemination of white water tourism activities

rafting sur le Verdon : sports d'eau vive

Caneoing / Kayaking

The canoe, from North America, and the kayak, whose origin is Eskimo, enable the descent of rivers according to the level (classes 1 to 6) in small unsubmersible craft, propelled by means of a single paddle (canoe) or a double paddle (kayak).


This is a recent activity in Europe and consists of going down rivers on inflatable rafts for 4 to 8 people propelled by paddles and/or oars.


the swimmer, wearing flippers and a reinforced wetsuit, swims down the river protected by a foam « hydrospeed ».


Follow the water course right into the deep natural depths. Anything goes for moving along without leaving the river bed: walking, swimming, abseiling, rock jumping.

canyon Baou Verdon : sports d'eau vive


This is done on variable lengths of course, on rivers or lakes in various types of craft, from excursions to real sport competitions.

rafting en Ubaye : sports d'eau vive


rafting sur la rivière Var : sports d'eau vive

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