Cycling itineraries

Col de Fontbelle sur les P'tites routes du Soleil photo ADT04/GBe

Cycling itineraries : our territory is particularly suited to cycle-touring. Cycle over the Alpine passes of the Ubaye and the Val d’Allos as far as the tourist roads of Haute-Provence and the Verdon.

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Treetop adventure playground

Treetop adventure playground in Barcelonnette

If you are looking for sensations worthy of "Tarzan "… whatever your age, come and fly and run from tree to tree sometimes as much as 12 metres above the ground in complete safety.

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Long mountain-bike itineraries

VTT Grande traversée L'Alpes Provence ©Michel Delli Photograhies

Long mountain-bike itineraries. « L’Alpes-Provence », la « TransVerdon », « les chemins du soleil », 3 week-long mountain-bike itineraries. These itineraries are classed as « Grandes Traversées » by the Fédération Française de Cyclisme, FFC (French Cycling Federation).

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Mythical Passes

Mythical Passes ©Théo Giacometti

Following in the wheel tracks of the racing cyclists of the Tour de France! It's your turn to climb the mythical passes of the department: Col de la Bonnette, Col d'Allos, … some great targets to train for!

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