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Routes de la lavande

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From the Drôme to the Alpes-Maritimes, the Hautes-Alpes, Vaucluse and the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Routes de la Lavande take you on a ride for unusual encounters in an exceptional territory.

Lavender is the emblematic flower of Haute-Provence. “Les Routes” takes you on a discovery of the history, landscapes, men and women, and the know-how of the territory which are all indelibly marked by lavender, the little mountain plant whose fame has become world-wide over the centuries.

The “Routes de la lavande” are:

  • Quality reception for stays,
  • A variety of rich activities,
  • Workshops to discover lavender in all its forms,
  • Sales points for lavender products,
  • Centres with lavender care treatments.

As you follow them, you will discover the properties of lavender, a magical plant which is still a symbol of the south and Provence and which yields an essential oil which has had an AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée as for great wines) since 1981.

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Routes de la lavande ©M. Boutin

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