Nordic ski area Haute Ubaye ©AD04-Rogier Van RijnNordic ski area Haute Ubaye ©AD04-Rogier Van Rijn

Nordic ski area

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Nordic ski area, in the Southern French Alps, the nearness of the Italian border has enabled generations of customs officers to cover their vast domains on skis.

This Nordic tradition of nordic ski is very old and is highlighted by 6 « Nordique France »- approved sites which meet the requirements of a very specific quality charter.

Nordic ski area in the Alpes de Haute Provence

Two of our village-resorts in the Southern Alps are “Stations Villages” approved.

These resorts are committed to guaranteeing the best facilities and services in an authentic mountain village setting, great for skiers and for winter sports for the whole family.

Stations Villages des Alpes du sud

More informations about nordic ski area: (in french)

Nordic ski area Haute Ubaye ©AD04-Rogier Van Rijn

Come and enjoy a variety of Nordic activities in the great outdoors in the Nordic skiing areas of the Alpes de Haute Provence:

Cross-country skiing:

“Skating” or classical/alternating” skiing is open to all on blazed and groomed trails. Beginners will enjoy learning to slide on the snow and the more adventurous will seek speed and performance.

“Nordic walking”:

More gentle than running, “Nordic walking” comes to us from Scandinavia. This fast walking technique combines sport, health and the benefits of outdoor activities.

You can walk with a pair of poles on the specially-groomed trails on the ski areas of Val d’Oronaye – Larche or Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye.

Snow running/ Snow trail running:

Everyone knows running or trail running, but have you tried running on the snow?

The Nordic area of Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye has specially-groomed trails to introduce you to this sport.

Snowshoe walks or tours:

Get off the beaten track and go snowshoe walking or touring. You can walk on a blazed and signposted area or a completely wild one in completely natural surroundings. But before you leave, find a professional to guide you and give you precious advice.

There are many other activities available in the Nordic skiing areas of the Alpes de Haute Provence…

Snowshoe walks or tours in Fanget


Snow bulletin

Snow shuttles

« ZOU ! Neige, la neige en bus » is a bus service, from Marseille Provence Airport or Aix en Provence TGV train station which ensures your round trip transfert to the ski resort of your choice in the Southern Alps.

Road traffic conditions

Consult the site to know all the traffic conditions in the department.

Cross-country skiing sites Colmars-Ratery

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