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Mythical Passes

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Following in the wheel tracks of the racing cyclists of the Tour de France! It’s your turn to climb the mythical passes of the department: Col de la Bonnette, Col d’Allos, … some great targets to train for!

Signposting on the passes

The 19 most emblematic passes in the department are dotted with milestones which give the distance left before the pass, the average gradient over the following kilometres and the altitude.

All the information you’ll need to pace your efforts!

  • Allos (2,247-metre elevation)
  • La Cayolle (2,326-metre elevation)
  • Le Corobin (1,211-metre elevation)
  • Des Champs (2,090-metre elevation)
  • Espinouse (838-metre elevation)
  • Le Fanget (1,459-metre elevation)
  • Trébuchet (1,141-metre elevation)
  • Les Félines (930-metre elevation)
  • Fontbelle (1,304-metre elevation)
  • Le Labouret (1,240-metre elevation)
  • La Mort d’Imbert (591-metre elevation)
  • Le Pas de Bonnet (886-metre elevation)
  • Le Pas de la Graille (1,736-metre elevation)
  • Pontis (1,301-metre elevation)
  • Puimichel (811-metre elevation)
  • Restefond La Bonette (2,715-metre elevation)
  • Sagnes (1,182-metre elevation)
  • St Barnabé (1,365-metre elevation)
  • Vars (2,108-metre elevation)

Signposting on the passes AD 04/GBe


7 Ubaye passes certificate (Le brevet des 7 cols de l’Ubaye)

This certificate rewards the ascension of the 7 passes in the Ubaye valley:

  • Cayolle pass (2,326-metre elevation),
  • Bonette pass (2,715-metre elevation),
  • Vars pass (2,108-metre elevation),
  • Sainte Anne pass (1,830-metre elevation),
  • Pontis pass (1,301-metre elevation),
  • Saint Jean pass (1,333-metre elevation),
  • Allos pass (2,247-metre elevation).

In all the tourist offices, you will be given a card that you punch at the top of each of the 7 passes. If your starting point is Barcelonnette, in the centre of the valley, you will be pedalling for nearly 400 km with a height difference of 7,170 metres!

Discover 7 Ubaye passes certificate:



The 3 passes circuit: Allos pass – Cayolle pass – Champs pass

A very picturesque circuit which take you over 3 high mountain passes for a 124-km athletic loop and a 3,340-metre elevation.

  • Allos pass 2,240-metre elevation
  • Cayolle pass 2,327-metre elevation
  • Champs pass 2,095-metre elevation

Discover map and circuit of the 3 passes circuit


Passes reserved for cyclists

Climb some of the most beautiful passes in the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Hautes-Alpes freely!

Every summer, the Col de Vars, Col d’Allos and the Montagne de Lure are closed to motorized vehicles (cars/motorbikes) on certain dates and at certain times.
During the operation “cols réservés aux cyclistes”, these mythical passes are open exclusively to cyclists, with no timing, ranking, registration or imposed starting time.

Please note that the north face of the pass remains open to motorized vehicles.

Road reserved from the intersection of the road up to Pra Loup to the exit from la Foux d’Allos
Road reserved from the exit of Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues to the top.
Please note that the other slope of the Montagne de Lure remains open to motorized vehicles.

More informations :

Traffic conditions on the departmental road network Alpes de Haute-Provence :

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