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3 long mountain-bike itineraries : « Grandes Traversées VTT des Alpes de Haute-Provence »

« L’Alpes-Provence », la « TransVerdon », « les chemins du soleil », 3 week-long mountain-bike itineraries. These itineraries are classed as « Grandes Traversées » by the Fédération Française de Cyclisme, FFC (French Cycling Federation).

The « Alpes-Provence » (300 km) and the « TransVerdon » (260 km) are two itineraries that take about a week to ride, both are fully checked and waymarked. They cross Alpes de Haute-Provence from east to west and link the Alpine regions of the département to the valleys of Haute-Provence and the Verdon

3 long mountain-bike itineraries ©GTA

« L’Alpes-Provence » 300 km

The « Alpes-Provence » starts at the Col de Larche (1991 m), situated at the gateway to the Mercantour national park at the French-Italian border. After crossing the alpine meadows at over 2000 m altitude, the route follows the Ubaye river and the waymarkers for the TransUbayenne as far as the village of Le Lauzet-Ubaye, a stone’s throw from the famous Serre-Ponçon lake.

This section is perfectly adapted to leisure mountain bikers, coming before the ascent to Col Bas, culminating at 2113 m. Having discovered the high altitude lakes, the route heads into the Blanche valley and the area around Seyne les Alpes.

Next comes the crossing of Europe’s largest geological reserve with its villages and isolated hamlets and the legendary site of the Terres Noires, then on towards Digne les Bains and the valleys of the Bléone and the Durance rivers.

More single-track paths lead to the Lure mountain (the summit of Haute-Provence), the countryside around Forcalquier and the Luberon régional natural park.
The tour finishes in Provence, at Manosque, the end of 300 km of pure pleasure.

Additional information and route details are available at https://vtt.tourisme-alpes-haute-provence.com/grandes-traversees-vtt/grande-traversee-vtt-lalpes-provence/ (in french).

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La « TransVerdon » 260 km

The « TransVerdon » starts at the source of the Verdon river, at 2247 m, at the Col d’Allos, also situated in the Mercantour national park.

It is a 260 km well-balanced, but technical, voyage from the Alpine mountains to Gréoux-les-Bains, punctuated by well-earned bathing opportunities.

Allos and the Haut-Verdon valleys provide a challenging ride, where the effort required is rewarded by varied, fun paths and spectacular scenery. You’ll also have the chance to visit high altitude lakes at over 2400 m.

After this Alpine step, the route heads into the Verdon régional natural park. New marvels await, in the form of the mountains, lakes and gorges of the Verdon.
The tour finishes with easier rolling paths across the Valensole plateau and the Provençal lavender fields to arrive at the spa townof Gréoux-les-Bains.

Additional information and route details are available at https://vtt.tourisme-alpes-haute-provence.com/grandes-traversees-vtt/grande-traversee-vtt-la-transverdon/ (in french)

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« Les Chemins du soleil » 300 km

Mountain-bike itinerary (coordinated by the Association GTA) from Valence or Grenoble and extending towards the Mediterranean to create a complete Grande Traversée of the Prealps. Crosses Alpes de Haute-Provence from Sisteron to Castellane.

Additional information and route details are available at

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VTT Grande traversée L'Alpes Provence ©Michel Delli Photograhies

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