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Route de l’art contemporain – Contemporary art route

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The territory of the Route de l’art contemporain
The project of the Route de l’art contemporain (VIAPAC: Via per l’arte contemporanea) is the fruit of an Alcotra transborder cooperation initiated by the department of the Alpes de Haute Provence and the National Natural Geology Reserve of Haute-Provence in France and the Piedmont Region and the Marcovaldo association in Italy.

It can be seen on the territory by the lasting installation of works of art in the open air in heritage sites along the road itinerary (route départementale D900A) linking Digne to Caraglio via the Col de Larche.

An original concept

On the French side, eight artists were chosen generating five commissions managed by the Department and the other three by the Natural National Geology Reserve of Haute-Provence.

In Italy, the works will be installed in the villages of Aisone, Demonte, Moiola, Roccasparvera and Vinadio.
The artists on the Italian side are David Mach, Paolo Grassino, Pavel Smith, Pascal Bernier and Victor Lopez Gonzalez.

On the territory of the Alpes de Haute Provence, the artists are Stéphane Bérard, Mark Dion, Joan Fontcuberta, Paul-Armand Gette, Trevor Gould, Richard Nonas, David Renaud and Jean-Luc Vilmouth.

Mediation for all

In order to allow local populations to appropriate contemporary art, a programming of art workshops has developed over the whole department. This means promoting contemporary art and the transborder territory through the plastic intervention of regional, national and international artists.

Events around the works are programmed such as meetings with the artists to extend the visibility of this project.
The work of mediation of current creation and sensitizing the public provides support for this original artistic approach.

The multiplication of installations of contemporary art works in the department following

  • Andy Goldsworthy’s Refuges d’art and Les Traces by Herman de Vries from the collection of the Musée Gassendi in Digne-les-Bains
  • The stained-glass windows by Aurélie Nemours in Salagon,
  • Those by David Rabinovitch in Digne-les-Bains,
  • Those by Father Kim En Joong in the monastery of Ganagobie;
  • The furniture by Bernar Venet in the Chapelle Saint Jean in Château Arnoux,
  • And the Way of the Cross by Agathe Larpent in the church in Jausiers
    has helped to increase the proposals of visit itineraries over the whole department.

Cascade Gette Contemporary art route
Sites to visit on the French side:

  • Vallée du Bès, de Digne les Bains à Auzet : Paul Armand GETTE, Des cheveux de Vénus aux Splendeurs de la Nuit Proposition transectale de Digne-les-Bains à Auzet & vice versa
  • Hameau de Vière par le village de Prads Haute-Bléone : Richard NONAS, Edge-Stones : Vière et les moyennes montagnes
  • Vallée du Bès et de la Bléone : Joan FONTCUBERTA, Les Hydropithèques
  • Le Vernet : Stéphane BERARD, Mille plateaux repas
  • Trévor GOULD, La folie d’Hannibal II
  • Seyne les Alpes : Mark DION, Le Donjon de l’ours qui dort
  • Saint Vincent les Forts : Jean Luc VILMOUTH, Comme un noyau
  • Col de Larche : David RENAUD, Table relief

Sites to visit on the Italy side:

  • Vinadio, Forte Albertino : David MACH, I Giganti
  • Aisone, centre du village et belvédère : Paolo GRASSINO, Incursione
  • Demonte, jardin Boreli : Pavel SCHMIDT, Rinacimentale mentale
  • Hameau de Castelletto, Roccasparvera : Pascal BERNIER, Shell
  • Moiola : Victor LÒPEZ GONZÀLEZ, Il contrabbandiere d’immagini

The VIAPAC catalogue

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