Buech Sisteronnais mountain biking site ©Thomas GirardBuech Sisteronnais mountain biking site ©Thomas Girard

Buech Sisteronnais mountain biking site

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Open all year round, the FFC Buech Sisteronnais site is approved by the French cycling Federation and guarantees quality for welcome, services, itineraries and blazing.

With around 1,500 km of blazed itineraries including 490 km in the Alpes de Haute Provence, this is the third largest area dedicated to mountain biking at national level.

To enjoy to the full on stony trails, ridges and cool woodlands. A wild, peaceful area under the hot Provencal sun.

The mountain bike circuits cover a vast territory which can be split into 6 units which include 2 for the 04 part (Jabron valley and Sisteron region).

Buech Sisteronnais 490 km of circuits (total length)

25 itineraries including:

  • 6 “very easy”
  • 4 “easy”
  • 9 “medium”
  • 5 “difficult”

Our extras

  • One of the rarest mountain biking areas in France
  • A 125-km tour on the trail of the Chemins du soleil, between Sisteron, Thoard, Digne-les-Bains and the Val de Durance

Buech Sisteronnais mountain biking site ©Michel Delli Photographies


  • Map and topo-guide
  • Mountain bike rental
  • Cycle shop
  • Guides
  • Washing

Find out more

Tourist office Buech Sisteron: https://rando.sisteron-buech.fr

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