Hiking otherwise

Hiking otherwise

Retrouvance® Haut-Verdon – Val d’Entraunes

A nature hike from Alpine lakes to larch forests (award winner in the national competition « Etoiles de l’Accueil » organised by the Maison de la France). This hike goes through exceptional landscapes, carved by glaciers, dotted with high mountain lakes, torrents, waterfalls, basins and steep gorges, highlighted by the age-old passes which link the heights of the Var, Verdon and Ubaye valleys.

From the village of Peyresq, at 1525 metres, which you can get to on the picturesque train des Pignes, to the lac d’Allos, the biggest high mountain lake in Europe, a 6-day trek through sites marked by traditional activities such as pastoralism or forest management.

Today, these territories are preserved and offer the watchful hiker original and abundant wildlife. The ONF opens its forest relays inside old houses renovated mountain-style and which offer a good level of comfort. Hikers are accompanied by a middle-mountain guide who has undergone special training for the circuit. Baggage is transferred from stop to stop, freeing hikers from the weight of their bags. The food, prepared by local providers, is based on local produce.

More informations : gitesetrandonnees.onf.fr (in french)

« Refuges d’art »

Hiking otherwise« Refuges d’art » is a 150-km hiking itinerary proposed by Andy Goldsworthy linking the three sentinels posted at the entrance to the three valleys of Digne les Bains, in the northern part of the territory of the Geology Reserve of Haute Provence.

This 10-day circuit starts at the Musée Gassendi in Digne les Bains, with the monumental clay wall called « RIVER OF EARTH, » and ends at the Refuge d’Art at the Spa Establishment in Digne-les- Bains. On the way, the hiker can discover 5 buildings which have already been renovated out of the 9 which are planned, each of them housing a lasting work by Andy Goldsworthy.

– THERMES in Digne-les-Bains,

« Refuges d’art » : the biggest collection in the world of Andy Goldworthy’s works is in the pays dignois, in the Alpes de Haute-Provence… Visit it on foot, with your backpack…

Refuges d’Art where you can stay the night

  • La Ferme Belon, Forêt Domaniale de Haute-Bléone, Commune de Draix
  • Le Vieil Esclangon, Vallée du Bès, Commune de La Javie
  • La Forest, Vallée du Bès, Commune de Saint-Geniez

Free booking at the Musée Gassendi, you will be given a key in return for your identity papers.

To know more : Musée Gassendi
www.refugedart.fr (in english)